The Top 10 Hair Tips You Should Know During Your Next Salon Visit

Whether you frequent the salon or barber shop on a weekly or monthly basis, coming prepared to your appointment can make a difference in the results you receive. Being prepared however, can become challenging and sometimes intimidating when visiting a new salon that you’ve never been to before without knowing what to expect.

Have you ever left your hair appointment feeling disappointed with the results of your new cut or style?

Spending hours of time and money at the salon and feeling unsatisfied with the results is a feeling that not many of us enjoy having. Although at times it may seem like your hairstylist may not have your best interest at hand, it’s important to understand that your hairstylist’s main goal is to have you leave the salon feeling confident and happy with your look. Often times miscommunication can lead to an unsatisfactory experience at the salon. To help you navigate the salon scene so that you and your stylist feel content, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hair tips to help you prep for your next appointment.

To help us curate this list, we spoke to three celebrity hairstylists in Hollywood, CA to find out what are some of the key things that they would like their clients to know before and during their visit to the salon. Read more to find out what they had to say!

The Top 10 Hair Tips You Should Know During Your Next Visit to the Salon:

Money wallet

Tip #1

How Much Should You Tip– Typically a good rule of thumb for tipping at a salon is to give around 15-20% of your bill. However, in recent years this rule has become diluted with the increase of blowout and style-only bars that are offering quick services at a cheaper rate. More frequently, salons are lowering their service rates to keep up with the fast-growing competition, which is great for the clients but can leave stylists at a disadvantage. If you have hair that is thicker or challenging to work with be considerate of your stylist’s time and effort, even if they are only creating a quick blowout. You may want to consider upping your tip to be 25-30% of your bill, especially if you are really happy with your results. Think about it, you will still be saving money in the end with a cheaper service.

Enjoying Christmas giftTip #2

Gifting is Sweet– Gifts are always welcome in the salon atmosphere. Creating a good bond and friendship is important to the stylist/client relationship. So if you feel like giving your stylist a gift for the holidays, birthdays or just because, this is completely acceptable and encouraged. The more you know about your stylist and the closer the relationship is, the more likely they will be to know you and what your expectations are. Do not feel pressure however to purchase gifts or to have a close relationship with your stylists in order to have a satisfying experience at the salon.

Professional woman greeting customer or client in upscale lobby

Tip #3

The Question of Conversation– Is it okay to conversate with your stylist and about what topics? Chit chat is welcomed in a salon setting. Hairstylists typically like to engage in conversation with their clients, it’s part of the job. If you aren’t in the mood to talk that is fine as well and they will understand that you may have something else on your mind, or just relaxing. Keep topics light-hearted and fun by not turning your hair appointment into a therapy session. Although your stylist may be interested in certain areas of your life, try not to bombard them with too much overwhelming personal information. Your stylist should feel excited to see you, not stressed and dreading your appointment. Keep gossip to a minimum in the salon, you never know who may know each other or be the client of another stylist. You can easily burn bridges or wear out your welcome by being known as the gossiper.

Funny crazy woman eating hamburger junk food and fries sitting

Tip #4

In-salon Dining– If you need to eat, keep it small and light. A big pet-peeve for many stylists is when their clients are eating while they are trying to style their hair. Hairstylist are usually on a tight schedule and eating while they are washing, cutting or styling can be distracting and slow down the process. Not to mention, you may not be sitting in the correct position when you are hunching over to eat a plate of pasta and the smell of your food could be offensive to those around you in the salon setting. Your safest bet is to either wait until after your appointment to eat, or keep it small. Although alcoholic beverages like wine or champagne are often complimentary, try to keep your consumption to one or two at the very most. Your hair appointment is not the time to let loose and party.

She's going to look fabulous after this

Tip #5

Use of Technology– Keep cell phone conversations to a minimum while you are in the styling seat. Talking on the phone can be distracting and slow down the styling process when communication is needed. Your stylist may need to ask you specific questions like where you prefer your hair to be parted, or products preferences and will have a hard time doing so when you are having a conversation over the phone with someone else. Typical salon stations are close in proximity to one another, so be be mindful of those around you when you are on the phone. Texting however, is fine and usually does not cause any distractions. Use your hair appointment as a time to catch up on work, social media or with friends without distracting those around you.

Female Outdoor BusinessTip #6

Stay On Their Good Side– Don’t be late! One of the most important hair tips that any stylist can give you is to be on time. Situations arise where you will have to be late, like emergencies or traffic which is completely acceptable but chronic tardiness is not. Stylist can have up to 10 or 12 clients booked in one day, being late can require them to shift other appointments which is not respectful of their time or others. In order to leave the salon satisfied with your new look, it’s crucial to give your stylist adequate time.

Barber makes the cut for man

Tip #7

Loyalty– Loyalty is very important to the stylist. If you are coming to a new salon, try to stick with one person and not jump from one stylist to another. Stylist take their relationships with their clients very seriously and the more loyal you are to them, the more likely they will be to shift things in their schedule to accommodate you. Will they be upset if you do go to someone else? Not at all. This hair tip is simply a piece of advice to help you get the best our of your salon experience. If you are seeing a stylist that you don’t feel is a good fit for you, be open and honest to them about your concerns. Maybe you are looking for someone who specializes in updo’s or specific colors? Your stylist should be understanding to your needs and will most likely recommend you to someone who would be a better match based on their skill-sets.

Woman dyeing her hair at the salon

Tip #8

Take Advice– Hairstylist are professionals for a reason, they have passion for their work and have studied the science of hair. When your stylist offers you hair tips, you should try to take their advice. Usually the goal for both of you is to get your hair in the most optimal condition as possible. If the techniques that you are currently using are not working or are damaging your hair, talk to your stylist about ways minimize this through using less heat, or specific products. Hairstylist are an especially good resource to go to if you are someone who has fine/thin or thinning hair as well. Usually they can provide advice and tips on how to style to create volume and the appearance of fuller hair.

Quarrels with the female client about haircut

Tip #9

Be Prepared– Bring in Pictures! Being able to visually show your hairstylist the look you want to create is key to having a style that you truly enjoy. The more examples that you are able to show, the easier it will be for your stylist to replicate what you want to achieve. One of the hardest things for a stylist to deal with is having a client who is particular about their look but is unable to communicate what they want. Remember, your hairstylist is an artist not a mind-reader.

Man getting his hair trimmed

Tip #10

Set Your Expectations– Know what you want but make sure that it’s achievable. You can’t expect the outcome of your hairstyle or cut to be comparable to someone who has a different texture than yours. Face structure should also be taken into consideration when choosing a new style along with lifestyle demands. If you are someone who needs to leave the house in hurry in the morning, it may make sense to have a style or cut that is very easy to manage. Once you’ve set clear, reasonable expectations between you and your stylist everything else should fall into place.

We hope these hair tips were helpful in preparing you for your next experience at the salon. The most important thing is that you are able to leave the salon with a style and experience that you enjoy.

What are some of the most interesting experiences you’ve had while in the salon?

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Contributed by: Lindsay, a content marketing and social media guru. Specializing in hair loss education, hairstyling and all things beauty related.

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  1. Thank you for your tip to bring in pictures and pointing out that one of the most important things. Thanks for explaining some things to keep in mind for a salon visit

  2. I am glad that you mentioned that you should try and stick to one stylist to help you out. My wife and I want to bring our daughter to a hair salon for her birthday later next month, and it will be important for us to get the right one. I will be sure to try and stick to the same one.

  3. It’s helpful to remember we should listen to hairstylists’ advice since they’re professionals and probably have good information on how to take care of your hair. My wife has been wanting to try something new with her hair for months but hasn’t had the time to go, so I’m planning on surprising her with a salon day during the break in two weeks. We’ll have to see what ideas the stylist has on how to help maintain the new look.

  4. All the provided tips are amazing! I am also a hairstylist and I know how irritating when clients are just busy in their own electronic gadgets. As a result some hairtylist could not concernterate.

  5. I love your tip about keeping use of cell phones to a minimum and making sure that you don’t distract and prolong the appointment. My best friend and I both recently moved to Thurston County, WA and we need to find a new hair salon for our hair needs. We will keep these tips in mind when we find a professional to go to.

  6. Thank you for your tip to bring in pictures and to be realistic about how the haircut will work out. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair short for a while now but I’ve been too scared and unable to find the right picture. I’ll be sure to keep looking and find a hairdresser who can achieve the style I want.

  7. I loved your advice about giving your stylist a gift to reinforce your friendship. I’m new in town, and I’m looking for a hairdresser to attend regularly. I will make sure to create a bond with my hairdresser by giving them a couple of gifts.

  8. I just moved to this area so I am looking for a new barber shop that can meet my expectations. As you said, I have to be aware that the hairstyle that I like can actually fit on me. Once I find the new salon where I will be going next, I will make sure to share my wishes and listen to their tips as well.

  9. I never knew that typically a good rule of thumb for tipping at a salon is to give around 15-20% of your bill. I am going to the hair salon next week. Thanks for the tips on what to do during your next hair salon visit.

  10. Very nice ! article my bad luck i find it late last week i had done haircut. Then i realized i was not ready for it. If you’re going to the salon just for a trim or touch up, it’s not a huge commitment. However, if you’re chopping off 12 inches of your hair for the first time, there’s no going back. Make sure to think about your new hair change before you make a spontaneous decision.

  11. Thanks for the advice about finding a stylist that is excited to see you. Finding a salon that has people who will engage you in honest conversation would be ideal. My husband is looking for a new barber shop, so he’ll have to find one that he can have good conversations with.

  12. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that one of the most important things when it comes to a hair appointment is to be on time. I’ll have to keep this in mind once I find the right salon in my area. I’ll have to look into finding the perfect salon for me.

  13. I appreciate it when you pointed out the importance of making sure to bring pictures along so that the hair salon expert will have an idea of exactly how I want to look. If I do this, I will also hear a feedback from them and know if my choice really is a good choice for me. Thanks! I have seen a hairstyle that I want, I will print a picture of it and take it to the salon that I will choose.

  14. That’s interesting that a hair stylist can have 10 to 12 clients booked a day so being on time is really important for their schedule. My hair has a ton of split ends and I’ve been wanting to get rid of them to make my hair healthier. I’ll have to call a hair salon that I can get into soon and make sure I set up an appointment I know I’ll be on time to.

  15. I didn’t realize that tipping around 15-20% is considered customary for a salon. I’m looking at getting my hair cut at a salon in the future, so this is definitely good to know. I’ll make sure I factor the tip into my budget of how much I need to save up for.

  16. Thanks for explaining some things to keep in mind for a salon visit. I’m glad you explained that you should try to have cell phone conversations when you are at the seat because it can be distracting and slow down the process as well. It’s probably worth it to ask beforehand if you can take a call, especially if you think the call will be very important.

  17. I didn’t know that salons are lowering their service rates to keep up with the fast-growing competition. My mom wants to have a haircut but my sister doesn’t know how to cut it. My dad suggested going to a hair salon instead and shared this article with us.

  18. I like that you provided some hair tips you need to know during your next salon visit such as being open to feedback and advice. Hair stylists are very passionate about their profession and will surely be able to provide you with expert advice on the proper care of your hair. It’s always good to be open to feedback on what they will be telling you since it’s in your best interest anyway. Plus, you are able to not only get good tips from them, you are able to gain a new friend as well! If I were to visit the hair salon next time, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

  19. I never considered that loyalty could impact the kind of experience I have at the stylist. About a month ago my wife and I moved to a new area and I have been looking for a place to get my hair. I’ll have to make sure to find a stylist that I think will last a while so I can keep going to them.

  20. I love what you said about setting your expectations. Like you said, you have to know what you want, but make sure that it’s achievable. I’ve heard that if you bring a picture to the salon and show the stylist, most of the time they’ll be able to recreate that style with your hair. I’ll have to keep this information in mind so that the next time I go to the salon, I’ll get the perfect haircut to look good!

  21. That’s a good tip to take advice from the hairstylist. They know more about hair then you because of their training. I’ll have to ask a hairstylist about hair care tips the next time I visit one.

  22. Being prepared with pictures does seem like a really good thing to do. I know that I also have to tell a stylist that I like to have the back of my hair shorter that my front, in more of an A-line style. Because a lot of the time you can’t tell how the back of the hair looks in short hair styles.

  23. My wife and I recently moved to a new area and she has been looking for a salon to go to. You mentioned that loyalty is very important to the stylist and they take their relationships with their clients very seriously and the most loyal you are to them, the most likely they will be to shift things in their schedule. Do most stylists also provide different promotions for their valued clients? It seems finding a stylist that she can be loyal to would be very beneficial.

  24. I really like your last tip to set your expectations. Knowing what you want, but also making sure it’s achievable is super important. I know I’ve gone in for appointments where I had higher expectations and lower expectations, and knowing what you’re getting yourself into is a huge help. Thanks for taking the time to share some insight!

  25. i think this article is Irrelevant to the people who use this site. I haven’t been to a salon in 20 years beca0use of insecurities due to my thin hair.

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