Spring Hairstyles for Women


It’s getting hot in hair! 

Summer is right around the corner and spring is already here, which makes it the perfect time to start thinking of ways to revamp your style. It’s time to shed your lackluster winter look for a hot, new sizzling haircut. This spring’s trends in haircuts for women are all about being bold and enhancing your own unique style.

For those of us with fine, thin hair changing your hairstyle not only revamps your entire look but can actually make your hair look fuller. With the right techniques, your hairstylist can add subtle hints of depth and dimension to your hair that will leave you with a natural appearance of volume.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the hottest spring hairstyles for women this season and offer expert tips to help you find the best look for hair that is fine and thin.

Let’s begin!

Hot Trends in Hair Right Now

Blunt Haircuts 

No matter the length, short, medium, or long, a blunt cut is a good option for women with fine or thin hair. The strong weight line that is created when a bob is cut actually gives the illusion of volume and length to any style when the ends are blunt. Blunt cuts may require more time to style however, since waves created by a curling iron pair nicely with this cut.

Medium Length Bobs 

Continuing to rise in popularity over the past few years is the lob haircut, otherwise known as the “long bob”. Beautiful in almost any texture, lobs are very versatile whether you want a messy, wavy or sleek look. This cut is especially fitting for someone with a more active lifestyle, because the stacked look of a lob creates a ready-to-wear style.

Natural Hair Textures 

Let’s get real! A big trend this season will be embracing ones natural hair texture. Sorry straight haired girls, it’s all about waves and curls. With mousse and gels, women are activating their natural texture to give their hair a more volumous look. Don’t have hair that is naturally textured? Use rollers, curling rods or other no-heat techniques like braids to give yourself the appearance of texture.

Long Glossy Hair Strands Contrary to many beliefs, longer hair can still look great and add depth to locks on thin, fine hair women. Longer cuts however, will require some layering and a good place to start is in the front framing the face. Adding long, light layers in the front will add movement and give the cut a more alluring look.

Hair Extensions 

After hair is cut into a new style, you may want to change it up and add versatility to your style with the use of hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great option for women with fine and thin hair as they allow you to create volume and density whenever needed. Here are some trendy looks that can be created with hair extensions…

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to add volume to your hair with a new haircut: 

  •  Don’t add layers in the back – this can take away from overall volume from the hair
  •  Do change your part for more dimension
  • Do add in colors for depth and volume
  • Don’t cut bangs – they take away from the hair’s volume
  • Do use Stylers to naturally enhance volume of the cut
  • Do add layers in the front to long cuts
  • Do cut hair into a blunt
  • Don’t get cuts that require a lot of heat styling – this is damaging to fine and thin hair

We hope this blog was helpful and gave you some ideas on the best women’s haircuts for fine and thin hair that will work for you.

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Contributed by: Lindsay, a content marketing and social media guru. Specializing in hair loss education, hairstyling and all things beauty related.

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  2. Amazing ! Really nice with so many styles I love all of these , that’s why I bookmarked this page for get more useful information in the future post ,
    Really appreciate thanks for sharing the value post !!!!!

  3. It would’ve been great if there were more post on how to maintain a blunt cut. Also, can’t wait for the wedding hairstyle post! I’ve been following this blog for a while and always look forward to your newsletters.

  4. Kim Teiper

    Nice try, but the women in these pictures surely do NOT look like they are suffering from thinning hair. If you want to reach the people who need and use your products, GET REAL

  5. Carol

    Thank you for the tips. My daughter who has thin hair because of three bouts with cancer and chemo has been using Toppik for a few years now and it has restored her confidence and avoided a wig! Thank you for your wonderful product!
    However, when you show models, their hair is so-o-o thick that it is a misrepresentation of a woman with thinning hair. Extensions excepted!
    It would be nice to see some real life transformations rather than models with ultra thick hair!!
    Thank you!

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