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3 Signs You May Be Balding (and How to Disguise It!)


Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long and slow process, which means that it might take a while to notice that you’re losing your hair. But if you’re worried about hair loss and are wondering if you’re going bald, keep reading for a few early signs to watch for. Plus, see how to disguise hair loss so you can feel confident about your hairline!

3 Signs of Hair Loss You Should Know

1. Receding Hairline

One of the most obvious signs of hair loss is a receding hairline. Men with hair loss tend to gradually lose their hair at the temples, which eventually gives the hairline a characteristic “M” or “V” shape. 

This form of hair loss can develop gradually and you might not notice the changes from day to day. So the best way to identify if you have a receding hairline is to look at how your hair has changed in photographs over months or years. Take a picture of your hairline now, then compare it with an older photo in similar lighting from at least six months earlier. If your hairline is noticeably different now, it’s likely that you have hair loss. 

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2. Balding Crown

Not all men with hair loss have an obviously receding hairline. Some men experience thinning all over, which means that their scalp will be gradually more visible through their hair. 

Other men lose their hair in specific areas like the crown. However, this one can be a little bit trickier to identify since most people don’t take pictures of the back of their heads! So if you suspect you have a balding crown, take a photo of your crown, under the same lighting conditions every other month. After a year or two, it should be pretty obvious whether or not you have a balding crown. 

3. Excessive Shedding

It’s normal to lose about 100 strands of hair a day. But if you notice excessive shedding when showering or brushing your hair, you may have hair loss. 

Some forms of temporary hair loss can cause excessive shedding, which means that the hair will eventually grow back. But if you notice excessive shedding every day for a year or more, male pattern hair loss may be the culprit. 

What You Can Do to Disguise Hair Loss

Are you going bald? Don’t panic. These styling techniques and products will help make your hair look naturally thicker, instantly. No combovers necessary! 

Change Your Shower Line-Up

First of all, you’ll want to ditch your usual shampoo and conditioner in favor of formulas designed specifically for thinning hair. Toppik Hair Building Shampoo gently cleanses fine and thinning hair with a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh hair down and leaves it healthier and fuller-looking. Follow with Toppik Hair Building Conditioner for best results. 

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Blow Dry to Add Volume

Mastering the art of blow drying is another way to make your hair look thicker. First, apply a small amount of Toppik Hair Fattener Advanced Thickening Serum through your hair. This concentrated hair styling serum has a keratin formula that adds volume, thickness and shine to hair. Next, blast hair with a blow dryer until dry. Just be careful not to overdo it because too much heat can damage hair, leaving it dry and brittle. 

Style with Hair Fibers

Once your hair is dry, you can use Toppik Hair Building Fibers to fill in any sparse or thinning areas. Toppik Hair Fibers blend undetectably with existing hair strands, instantly concealing hair loss, and making hair look naturally thick and full.

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Although it looks like magic, the way Toppik works is pretty simple. Toppik Fibers are made with premium, salon-quality keratin proteins that are almost identical to human hair. The statically charged fibers create a magnetic effect, clinging to even the tiniest hairs, for a natural look that lasts until you wash your hair. And since they’re available in nine shades that can be mixed to match, they work for virtually any hair color. 

Most men will experience some degree of hair loss, but there are lots of ways to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair. So don’t worry, you’ve got options! But remember, the only way to know for sure if you’re going bald for sure is to see your doctor. 

Colleen Welsch is a freelance beauty writer and blogger specializing in hair care, hair growth education and beauty.

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