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How Can I Get My Edges to Grow Back?


Are you wondering how to make your edges grow? The fragile baby hairs of our hairline are more prone to breakage. In some cases, they can fall out altogether. Fortunately, with some extra TLC, it’s often possible to regrow your edges. Follow these tips to help grow back your edges. 

What Causes Thinning Edges?

There are three main reasons for thinning edges:

Genetics – If someone in your family has experienced genetic hair loss (AKA androgenic alopecia), you’re more likely to experience it as well. 

Breakage – Tension from too-tight hairstyles or damage from chemical treatments can cause delicate baby hairs to break off or fall out. 

Medical Conditions – Vitamin deficiencies or hormonal changes may also lead to thinning around the hairline. Stress can also cause a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. If you suspect a medical condition is causing your hair loss, talk to your doctor. 

The good news? If your thinning hairline is caused by breakage, you may be able to get your edges back. Keep reading to learn how to make your edges grow. 

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How to Disguise Thinning Edges

Since hair only grows about ½ inch per month at maximum, it can take at least three months to regrow your edges. While you wait for your edges to grow, try Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Fibers are made with premium, naturally derived keratin proteins that are almost identical to human hair. Fibers are statically charged and cling to even the tiniest baby hairs, instantly creating the appearance of thicker edges. 

Here’s how to apply Toppik Hair Building Fibers to your edges:

  1. Swap out the sifter cap for the Spray Applicator. The Spray Applicator is a patented spray nozzle attachment that allows for a more precise application, which works well for small areas like the hairline. 
  2. Line up the Hairline Optimizer with your edges. The HairLine Optimizer has a unique design with irregular teeth that creates a natural-looking finish. 
  3. Use the Spray Applicator to spritz Fibers onto any sparse areas of the hairline. Gently pat Fibers into place. 
  4. Finish with a mist of FiberHold Spray

And that’s it! Toppik Hair Building Fibers resist wind, rain, and perspiration for all-day results. 

Hint: you can also use Fibers in between hair colorings to conceal roots and grays!

how can i get my edges to grow back

How to Make Your Edges Grow: 6 Ways

1. Use the Right Brush

Your choice of hairbrush can make a big difference when laying out your baby hairs. The baby hairs that make up your edges are more fine and fragile than the rest of your hair, so you’ll need a brush with extra soft bristles to style them. A soft bristle toothbrush works great to lay edges without causing more breakage!

2. Skip Too-Tight Hairstyles

As we mentioned before, tension from too-tight hairstyles can cause breakage and hair loss. And yes, that includes protective hairstyles. Although in theory protective hairstyles give your hair a break from everyday styling and manipulation, they can do your edges more harm than good if they put too much tension on your baby hairs. For the time being, skip any braided styles that feel heavy, and make sure to let your stylist know if you feel tugging or pulling on your edges. 

3. Be Careful with Wigs

Believe it or not, even wigs can cause thinning edges. A wig that’s too tight can pull on your hairline, leading to breakage and hair loss. If you do wear a wig, always use a proper glue remover before removing your wig. 

4. Turn Down the Temperature

Frying your edges with heat tools is another sure-fire way to experience thinning. To help your edges grow back, avoid using heat tools as much as possible. When you do use heat tools, always protect your locks with a high-quality heat protectant and use the heat tool on the lowest temperature setting possible. And never use heat tools on wet hair!

5. Hydrate Your Edges

Dry hair is more brittle and prone to breakage. Want to grow your edges back? Then make sure to keep them moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair, and make sure to deep condition your tresses at least every other week. Bonus points if you apply a hair-loving oil like castor oil to your edges before bed. 

6. Reduce Friction

You’ve heard of beauty sleep for your skin, but why not beauty sleep for your hair? As you move in your sleep, your hair rubs against your pillow. All that friction can mean dry, rough hair, and even breakage. To grow your edges, protect your hair while you get your beauty sleep by wrapping your hair with a satin or silk scarf or wearing a bonnet.

Do you have any tips on how to make your edges grow? Let us know in the comment section below!

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