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3 Easy Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day


This article was originally published on February 4, 2020.

While getting your Valentine’s Day plans arranged, who says you can’t also find some cute hairstyles to try?

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, whether with a partner or by yourself. Regardless of how you spend the day, it’s always fun to dress up, look your best, and maybe even try a new style.

So without further ado, here are three romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2022. 

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Valentine's Day hairstyle 2022

A great way to celebrate the day is with a cute Valentine’s Day hair updo. The half-up, half-down, also known as a half ponytail, is underrated but it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle. While the updo itself is simple, you can style it in many ways depending on the event, your mood, or how much effort you want to put in. 

Want to go for a flirty hairstyle for Valentine’s Day? Take your top layer of hair (following the line at the top of your ear along the back of your head), and bring it to the high point of your crown. Make a tight hold with a hair tie.

Want a lower-maintenance romantic version? Keeping a middle part, take the top layer of your hair and gently bring it to the back of your head. Tie your hair back low below your crown. If you have layered hair, allow some of the shorter layers to fall and frame your face. This creates a gentle, romantic look, and is an easy Valentine hairstyle. 

2. Ribbons

hairstyles for valentines day 2022

Adding ribbons is a great addition to any hairstyle because you’ll look put together without much extra effort. Ribbons also add a romantic French touch which makes this hairstyle perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

If you want to add ribbons to a half ponytail or high ponytail, begin by hooking your ribbon through your hair tie. Then, wrap the ribbon around your tied hair (you may need to wrap a few times depending on how long the ribbon is) and create a bow with large loops on the top. 

If you have braids, you can wrap the ribbon within your hair to give it texture. Whether it’s one, two, or many braids, grab a ribbon and begin adding them in with your braiding technique. This hairstyle for Valentine’s Day is also a fun and easy way to add color without using dye. 

3. French Braid

cute valentines hairstyles french braid

Keeping with the French inspiration, the classic French braid is a perfect romantic hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. You can go for a simple single braid along the back of your head, or try double French braids. 

To start a French braid, part your hair down the middle to see where you will pull sections from. Starting at the front and top of your head, begin parting your hair into three sections. Then, pull these three sections into a braid. Once you have the first braid wrapped, pick up another section of hair and wrap it into your braid. It should feel like your hair is being pulled into a braid section by section. 

For any sparse areas around the top of your hair, use Toppik Hair Building Fibers to make your hair look fuller.

To keep the style romantic, once you have finished braiding the hair, tease up some of the hairs that are framing your face. This gives an effortless feel, making it a great hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. 

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What are some hairstyles for Valentine’s Day that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

Colleen Welsch is a freelance beauty writer and blogger specializing in hair care, hair growth education and beauty.

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