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Our Favorite Wavy Hairstyles


We love a wavy hair texture for its versatility. Naturally wavy hair holds a curl well, but it also can be straightened easily. But for the days when you just want to air dry your wavy hair and go, try one of our favorite wavy hairstyles below. We’ve got something for every length — for long, medium or short wavy hair. They’re the perfect ways to show off your natural hair texture.

All of these hairstyles work like a dream on naturally wavy hair but they can also be recreated on other hair textures by adding waves with a curling iron or curling wand. Just be sure not to curl all the way to the ends to keep that effortlessly tousled look.

Keep reading for our favorite wavy hairstyles!

8 Easy Wavy Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

For Long Hair:

1. Long, Beachy Waves

brunette woman long beachy waves our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

This center-parted hairstyle always looks cool. Beach waves look best on healthy hair, so make sure you’re practicing good hair care habits to rock this style. Wash hair two to three times per week using a gentle shampoo like Toppik Hair Building Shampoo. And always follow with a moisturizing conditioner like Toppik Hair Building Conditioner. Air dry hair whenever possible. Use a large-barreled curling iron to touch up waves between washes.

2. Side Part with Waves

long light brown hair woman black shirt side part with waves our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

Side-parted hair with brushed-out waves is universally flattering for all face shapes with long hair or even medium lengths. The best part? This is pretty much a wash-and-go hairstyle.

To style at home, apply a small amount of Toppik Hair Fattener Advanced Thickening Serum to damp hair. This will add natural-looking thickness and texture to your waves without any extra weight. Let hair air dry or blow dry on a low heat setting with a diffuser. Once hair is fully dry, brush out your waves to complete the look.

For Medium Hair:

3. Wavy Lob with Bangs

brunette woman wavy lob with bangs our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

If you already have a lob — or even longer hair — a full fringe is a fun way to update your look. Ask your hairstylist to give your bangs some texture so that they blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

4. Center-Parted Lob

brunette woman outside sunglasses center parted lob our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

This is one of the best wavy hairstyles for oval-shaped faces. Ask your hairstylist for a shoulder-length lob (aka long bob) that’s lightly layered for texture and movement. If you’re styling your hair with a curling iron, begin the waves around the eyebrow level. Finger comb the curls to add a soft, modern texture to this wavy hairstyle.

5. Half-Back Lob

brunette floral hair accessory short hair half back lob our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

You can take this very pretty hairstyle from casual to formal! Just add sparkly hair accessories to dress up the look.

Begin with a shoulder-length lob with natural, air-dried wavy texture. Pull the top half of your hair back and fasten with a hair clip. If your hair isn’t long enough, just pin back a small section on each side.

For Short Hair:

6. Chin-Length Bob

orange background woman smiling curly chin length wavy bob our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

This chin-length bob has a triangular shape that’s very on-trend right now. We especially love this wavy hairstyle on hair types with tighter waves or even curls.

Ask your hairstylist for a bob with minimal layers. Apply styling mousse to hair, then blow dry with a diffuser or let it air dry. Use Toppik Hair Building Fibers in your root color to fill in your part. This will make your hair look instantly thicker.

7. Angled Bob with Deep Side Part

black white photo smiling woman angled bob deep side part our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blog

This wavy hairstyle is very chic. It’s perfect for formal events or professional work environments.

Ask your hairstylist for a bob that’s longer in the back and shorter in the front. Ideally, the front should fall somewhere between chin- and shoulder-length. If your hair is naturally wavy, you can easily create this style. Apply a small amount of mousse to damp hair, scrunch gently, and allow it to air dry.

8. Textured Pixie

white blonde short textured pixie haircut our favorite wavy hairstyles toppik hair blogIf you’re feeling adventurous, ask your stylist for a big chop! A pixie cut that’s longer on the top and shorter on the side offers a lot of versatility for wavy hair. Style with a sea salt spray for a casual, tousled wavy hairstyle.

Do you have wavy hair? Share your how-to styling tips for wavy hairstyles in the comments!

Colleen Welsch is a freelance beauty writer and blogger specializing in hair care, hair growth education and beauty.

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