6 Healthy Scalp Tips for Better Hair

An unhealthy scalp can feel dry, itchy, or excessively oil. But did you know that an unhealthy scalp can slow your hair growth and even cause hair loss? Hair growth can be impeded by an overly dry scalp or a scalp clogged with excess oil and dead skin. If you want healthier, thicker hair, it’s important to keep your scalp in the best condition possible. Follow these healthy scalp tips!

1. Establish a Proper Cleansing Routine

For a healthy scalp, wash your hair every 2-3 days. If you wash your hair more often, you’re at risk of drying out your scalp. Washing your hair less often can cause an unhealthy buildup of oil and dirt on your scalp which can clog follicles and slow hair growth. Always use a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your natural oils from your scalp to prevent dryness.

Healthy Scalp Tips

2. Eliminate Flakes

Dandruff is a tell-tale sign that your scalp is in distress, and a distressed scalp grows brittle and unmanageable hair. If you notice dandruff in your hair or on your clothing, use a specially formulated dandruff shampoo containing zinc to clear up the flakes.

3. Exfoliation is Key

You exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy, and your scalp is no exception. By regularly exfoliating the dead skin cells from your scalp, you’ll keep your follicles clear and help your hair grow. Make sure to brush your hair daily with a natural bristle brush to increase circulation, redistribute scalp oils, and slough off dead skin and debris that can obstruct hair growth. Once per month, use an exfoliating mask. Look for one at your local beauty store, or make your own by adding sugar to your regular shampoo.

Healthy Scalp Tips

4. Conditioning for Scalp Health

Most people avoid putting conditioner on their scalp because they don’t want to weigh down their hair. But if your scalp is dry, you’ll definitely want to condition your scalp. It’s just like moisturizing your face after washing it! Just be sure to use a lightweight, non-comedogenic conditioner that won’t clog your hair follicles. Toppik has a conditioner that can help revitalize hair and support a healthy scalp.

5. Sun Protection

UV rays from the sun can damage your scalp skin and exacerbate hair thinning. The more thin your hair is, the greater the risk of UV damage. When outside for prolonged periods of time, make sure to wear a hat or a sunscreen specially formulated for scalp application.

Healthy Scalp Tips

6. Examine Your Diet

For the best hair possible, you must incorporate foods for healthy hair and scalp into your diet. If you suffer from scalp dryness, you might need to supplement your diet with Omega-3’s and fish oils. Both will help with providing your skin with more moisture, including your scalp.


Follow these scalp care tips to improve your scalp health. But remember: there are many different causes of hair loss, and if your hair is thinning, it might not necessarily be because of an unhealthy scalp. If you are noticing substantial hair loss, be sure to see your doctor to rule out any serious illness.


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Do you have naturally curly hair? Next week we will talk about how to keep your curls healthy and the best tips for growing curly hair.

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Colleen Welsch is a freelance beauty writer and blogger specializing in hair care, hair growth education and beauty.

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