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How to Grow Out Short Hair


Growing out short hair is a true test of patience. Hair only grows about one-half inch per month — at max — so that transition period can be a long, long waiting game. And while Toppik Hair Building Fibers can make your hair look thicker instantly, they can’t make your hair look longer. Whether you’re growing out a pixie or even a shaved head, follow these tips below for growing out short hair.

Get Frequent Trims

Trimming your hair is probably the last thing you want to do when you really want to make your hair grow faster, but trust on this one.

Your hair grows at an even rate all over your head. So while growing out short hair, you’ll have to wait for the hair at the top of your head to catch up with the hair that’s further down, or risk developing a serious mullet.

Thus, to prevent that hair disaster, visit your hairstylist for frequent trims. Your stylist can keep the back of your hair trimmed while the top grows to meet it, and give your hair some texture and style in between so it still looks nice.

Plus, trims get rid of split ends, which are the enemy of healthy hair growth!

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Focus On Growing Healthy Hair

Damaged hair is more brittle and breaks off more easily. So if your goal is to grow out short hair, you’ll want to keep your hair as healthy as possible by following these rules:

  • Use a gentle, non-stripping shampoo like Toppik Hair Building Shampoo to cleanse hair two to three times per week.
  • Always follow shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner like Toppik Hair Building Conditioner.
  • Avoid bleach, perms, relaxers and any other chemicals that could potentially damage your hair.
  • Use heat tools sparingly, and always protect hair before blow drying, curling or straightening.
  • Be gentle when combing or brushing hair.


Accessories are key to growing out short hair. Headbands, barrettes, head scarves and bobby pins are the perfect solutions for when you’re just not sure what to do with your in-between hair.

For example, you can twist and pin up sections of your hair to create a cute updo. Then apply Toppik Hair Building Fibers using the Spray Applicator attachment to disguise any areas of scalp show-through in between the twists.

Just make sure you don’t sleep with accessories in your hair, since the tension can cause breakage.

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Fake It

A wig or hair extensions can create the appearance of longer hair while you wait for your natural hair to grow in. Some people swear by them!

If you choose to go the extensions route, make sure that you visit a hairstylist who is trained in installing hair extensions on short hair. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your natural hair, causing even more breakage — which is the opposite of what you want!

Healthy Body = Healthy Hair

There is no miracle solution to make hair grow faster. However, you can make sure you’re giving your hair follicles the supplies they need to grow hair as fast as they can by eating a healthy diet filled with plenty of protein, vitamins and healthy fats. You can supplement your diet with a clinically proven hair growth supplement. Remember, a healthy body grows healthy hair!

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Be Patient Growing out Short Hair!

It may not be pretty, but if you want to grow out your short hair, you’ll have to just grin and bear it. In the meantime, reading others’ stories of growing out their short hair may help you to power through the awkward stages.

With some patience and a lot of determination, your hair will grow longer in no time!

Have you ever grown out a short haircut? Share your experience with other Toppik readers in the comments below!

Colleen Welsch is a freelance beauty writer and blogger specializing in hair care, hair growth education and beauty.

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