Read These Hair Horror Stories From Toppik

There is enough to be spooked about on Halloween outside of having to deal with a bad hair day or haircut. Just for fun though, we decided to take a trip down memory lane with some of our very own Toppik employees at the corporate office and share with you some horrendous and hair-raising hair stories.

Who knows, maybe one of these frightening hair incidences will be inspirational for your next Halloween hairstyle. Or at the very least, let us help prepare you for your next hair appointment so that you don’t fall victim to a bad haircut.

Hair Horror Stories











International Chop-Shop

I was living overseas in Thailand for a few years. I was really enthralled with the culture and the amazing people that I met, I hardly missed home at all! That was until it was time to get my haircut. I was a little nervous to go to a barbershop in a foreign country, so I brought a picture to help the stylist get a clear idea of the basic trim I was expecting. Unfortunately the picture was not worth 1,000 words. You can imagine the pure shock when I took a look in the mirror and saw that my full head of bouncy curls had been sliced and diced into some strange 90’s metal rock mohawk. Oh the horror! – Jantzen Roth, Sales














Bad Blues Bestie

One year for Halloween my best friends and I decided to be Day of the Dead Skeletons. Although it wasn’t necessary, I thought I could really make my costume stand out from the rest of my besties by adding a little temporary blue color to my hair. I hurried home and applied what I thought was temporary dye to the ends of my hair. Well, you could have buried me alive when I realized 20 minutes into the process I was actually using permanent hair dye and not temporary! Talk about having the blues the next few weeks as I had to rock my permanent royal blue locks to my sister’s wedding. – Sarah Comer, Sales









Not-So-Hot Yoga 

I was doing yoga and my hair was in a ponytail, which is how I typically wear it to keep my hair out of my face while exercising. The yoga studio was filled with candles to help create a tranquil and relaxing environment. Well things became a little less relaxing as I did a headstand and my ponytail hit one of the candles. All of a sudden I could smell something burning and it took me awhile to realize that it was actually coming from my hair! Let’s just say that is one hot yoga experience I hope I dont have again. – Margaret Kress, CEO








Bleach Blonde Freak-out

Many people have had their share of bad dye jobs, but mine just seemed to be straight horrific!  I was adamant about dying my naturally brown hair platinum blonde, so I headed to one of the most expensive and trendiest salons in the city to get the process started. An hour into my appointment, I realized that something just wasn’t quite right. The stylist was keeping the bleach in my hair for what seemed to be an eternity and although he assured me everything was fine, I was still a bit anxious. Well my worries became a reality when after my hair was washed, it started falling out… in handfuls! I freaked out as I was forced to cut my beautiful brown hair into the shortest white (not blonde) pixie cut ever. – Jineen Jirovec, Creative Director 

Did these stories scare you enough to think twice about setting yourself up for a hair-raising hair disaster? If so, continue reading for some tips on how to make sure these things don’t happen to you…

How to Prevent a Bad Haircut or Hairstyle

Now that you’ve read these hair stories from our very own Toppik employees, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent a horrific hair situation from happening to you? Although some of the hair-raising tales we shared didn’t necessarily take place in a salon, we’ve put together some helpful tips to arm you while at your next hair appointment.

Woman dyeing her hair at the salon









Take Advice– Hairstylist are professionals for a reason, they have passion for their work and have studied the science of hair. When your stylist offers you hair tips, you should try to take their advice. Usually the goal for both of you is to get your hair in the most optimal condition as possible. If the techniques that you are currently using are not working or are damaging your hair, talk to your stylist about ways minimize this through using less heat, or specific products. Hairstylists are an especially good resource to go to if you are someone who has fine/thin or thinning hair as well. Usually they can provide advice and tips on how to style to create volume and the appearance of fuller hair.

Quarrels with the female client about haircut









Speak up– If you think your haircut isn’t turning into what you imagined, tell your hairstylist before it’s too late. Stylists know how to fix a bad haircut, so they’re going to be able to help you out, especially in the beginning of the haircut. Pay attention to what your stylist is doing and ask questions. Now is not the time to be shy, and your hairstylist would rather hear from you now then at the end of the appointment, when it’s already too late.

Man getting his hair trimmed








Be Prepared– Bring in Pictures! Being able to visually show your hairstylist the look you want to create is key to having a style that you truly enjoy. The more examples that you are able to show, the easier it will be for your stylist to replicate what you want to achieve. One of the hardest things for a stylist to deal with is having a client who is particular about their look but is unable to communicate what they want. Remember, your hairstylist is an artist not a mind-reader.

Professional woman greeting customer or client in upscale lobby








Set Your Expectations– Know what you want but make sure that it’s achievable. You can’t expect the outcome of your hairstyle or cut to be comparable to someone who has a different texture than yours. Face structure should also be taken into consideration when choosing a new style along with lifestyle demands. If you are someone who needs to leave the house in hurry in the morning, it may make sense to have a style or cut that is very easy to manage. Once you’ve set clear, reasonable expectations between you and your stylist everything else should fall into place.

Sometimes it may be too late to save your locks after a horrific experience at the salon, which is when you will need a secondary plan of action. Here is what you can do to feel confident about your hair even after the damage is done.

Best Products to Hide a Bad Haircut or Hairstyle

If you’ve already fallen victim to a bad haircut or hairstyles there are things you can do to make it through the day, or even year it will take to have your hair back to normal!

20150224_PDP_Fibers_group (3)











Toppik Hair Building Fibers are perfect to use to cover up unsightly bald spots from a bad color/bleach job or haircut. When applied with the Spray Applicator, Toppik Hair Building Fibers cover and hide areas of imperfections for a natural look!













Toppik Colored Hair Thickening Spray is another great product that can quickly and easily cover up unsightly areas from a bad hair experience. This colored spray is available in 5 shades that match almost any hair color. Also great to use on patchy beards.

Stay In the Know

Next week to celebrate Movember, we’re looking at the history of beards – from cavemen to hipsters! Follow along as we take a look to see where the beard trend really began.

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Contributed by: Lindsay, a content marketing and social media guru. Specializing in hair loss education, hairstyling and all things beauty related.

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