Instantly Conceal Scalp Show-Through with COUVRé

We all want thick, healthy hair.

Especially when there is a noticeable spot or area on the head that seems to stand out more than other places, the desire to hide, cover, or create an illusion that there is hair there can be overwhelming. Many have tried their fair share of hair thickening products for thinning hair, hoping that one will actually solve their thinning hair or scalp show-through problems. This means finding the right deliverability of a product, the right color match, and making sure that the product will last throughout the day, (and possibly longer).

While our Hair Building Fibers are our best-selling product, often times customers need or want more than just Hair Fibers to make their hair look thicker and fuller. For instance, if they have a wider area of thinning hair, bald spots, or scalp show-through, a hair concealer may be the best way for them to achieve naturally thicker-looking hair.

Luckily, Toppik has a hair loss lotion that does just that, and it’s called COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion.

COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion ensures that you’re getting full coverage when it comes to larger areas of thinning hair . The product comes in a tube for easy application along with one sponge to make sure you never miss a spot. It’s a favorite among Toppik customers, and many use COUVRé in combination with our Hair Fibers.

If this sounds like the right product for your needs, keep reading to see Toppik reviews and learn why you’ll never have to buy hair thickening products for thinning hair again!

What Is COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion?

COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion is a hair concealer that makes hair look instantly thicker by eliminating the contrast between any thinning hair and the scalp.


It’s easy to apply and goes on evenly; most of our customers dampen the sponge slightly and then squeeze the product onto the sponge. The dry-touch formula conceals the scalp, and the natural pigments in the hair loss lotion result in hair that looks thicker and fuller. COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion is also waterproof, so you can work out with it in your hair and even go in the water. It’s available in five shades that match almost any hair color, and it won’t stain clothes or pillowcases.

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This product also works well with Toppik Hair Fibers. Many customers apply COUVRé to the scalp or hair loss area first, then follow with Toppik Hair Fibers to make sure their hair looks as natural-looking as possible. COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion won’t rub or flake off, and will stay in your hair until you wash it out with shampoo. To make sure you’re keeping your hair and scalp as healthy as possible, we’ve also made sure this product is non-comedogenic and dermatologist recommended.

Doctor inspecting skin of head

To find out if this product is right for your type of hair loss, keep reading…

Who Should Use COUVRé?

COUVRé is most helpful for those who have a larger area of thinning hair or hair loss.

For example, if you have a bald spot that needs to be covered, any patchiness, or thinning hair that shows the scalp, a hair concealer works best to help cover and conceal these areas.

iStock_000011029622_Full Man loosing hair, baldness



COUVRé works better than other products because it offers a long-lasting solution and also does a better job at hiding problem areas than other similar products. For a smaller area, COUVRé might prove difficult to use since it would require trying to get to the scalp through the hair, but it is the perfect product to use when you can clearly see scalp show-through.

COUVRé is one of Toppik’s first products, and as a result, we have many customers that have been using it for decades. Keep reading to see what they have to say about this hair concealer product…

Rave Reviews from Longtime COUVRé Customers

Reviews can offer an unbiased view for potential customers when they are looking for a new product to use. It’s important to us that we’re able to share our customer reviews about our products with you. See what customers are saying about COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion in the below Toppik reviews.

“Recently I started using COUVRé; it is the best product I have ever used for my thinning hair and it is so easy to apply to the scalp. My hairdresser even commented ‘I really like this much better that what we’ve been using.’ Before you could see my scalp in several places, but now COUVRé blends so well, it makes my hair look fuller and you can’t see the bald areas. Also, it makes me feel much better about myself.”
-Mary A

“I have been using COUVRé for probably close to 20 years and can’t imagine living without it. I love the fact it doesn’t break down and bleed away when sweating or swimming (since I’m very active).”

“I use this product regularly and no one can tell that I am missing so much hair, especially on the top of my head.”

“The product I had been using was discontinued so….I researched and found this. I wish they had discontinued that other product years ago. This is so much better! I work it into my scalp every morning after I wash my hair, and then I style it. Not only does my hair look thick, it actually feels thick! I love this product, I will never use anything else again!”

“I’ve used the COUVRé Scalp Concealing Lotion for over 10 years. It is an amazing product! My hairdresser remarks on how effective it is every time I go in for a haircut. After she washes my hair and the gray shows up, making her aware of how badly I need a color touch up, she comments, “That stuff works great!” Friends that I choose to tell about using it are amazed that it could be so subtle.”

“I love this product I have used it for years. and I will keep using it forever!”

“I am an entertainer with a thin spot on the back of my head. COUVRé is just the best. I’ve been using it with complete satisfaction for over 15 years.”
-Mark the Singer

“I’ve been using this product since 2008 and really like how easy it is to apply as well as how long a tube of it will last. It leaves a very natural look. I highly recommend it.”

Are you ready to ditch your other hair-thickening products and try COUVRé? Tell us in the comments section below how you plan to use this life-changing product!

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