Trendiest Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

Summer is officially here, things are heating up outside and in trends for hair. From layered blunt cuts, bobs and under-cut pixies, we are seeing a lot of sleek, cooler looks hitting the runways and red carpets. So how does this translate to a new style for you?

Well, if you are a woman with fine, thin hair, it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that not every look will translate seamlessly with your personality, hair type, hair texture and lifestyle. In this blog we will take a look at some of the best haircuts for those of us with fine hair and thin hair textures & types. Follow along as we provide you with tips & styling tricks as well on how to create density and volume.


Before we begin looking at some of the trends this season in haircuts for fine, thin hair women, let’s talk about one of the most important things that is needed in order to really create a haircut that you enjoy, and that is a good hairstylist. It’s a Fact: finding a hairstylist that specializes in fine, thin hair can make a difference in whether you like your haircut vs. love it!

Beautiful woman in hair salon

When looking for a hairstylist it’s essential to find someone who understands the best cutting techniques that should be used in order to create natural fullness and thickness. For example, bangs typically do not compliment someone with fine, thin hair that is looking for fullness. Bangs actually take away from the overall appearance of volume rather than adding to it because the hair used to cut into bangs could have actually been used to add volume to the look in the back or on the sides. Having a stylist who understands and can work with these special nuances that go along with your thin hair type is essential to having the right haircut.

Once you’ve found a hairstylist who is a good match, you’re officially ready to take on any cut that works best for fine, thin hair women. Now, let’s take a look at some expert styling tricks to incorporate into your new cut that can help you add depth and volume!


Easy and low maintenance is a huge trend in women’s haircuts and styling. Women want to spend less time on styling their hair and still have it look great, so that time can be dedicated to other activities. Along with cutting hair into a style that is low maintenance, there are also small styling tricks can be used to create the appearance of volume. Below are some of them…


Start with the Roots

A quick and easy way to add fullness to hair that is fine and thin is by using products that help boost volume at the root. Toppik’s Hair Fattener is a great option for someone who styles with a blow dryer, it can be used on damp hair from roots to ends to add thickness as it’s being blown out. Another option is to add volume by using a dry spray like Toppik’s Root Volumizing Spray. When sprayed at the root, oil that weighs the hair down is absorbed and hair is volumized and lifted.

Play-up the Part

Did you know the direction in which you part your hair is so important that there is an actual study called the Part Theory that examines this? When it comes to adding volume to your hair however, changing your part line can do wonders to your overall look. For example, a middle part line is great for elongating the face, while a side part highlights the cheeks and forehead, giving the appearance of a fuller-face and more voluminous hair once styled?

Color Theory

In addition to a cut that creates volume, when coloring hair have your stylist use these techniques to help add the appearance of fullness to fine, thin hair. Going deeper and darker with the color at the roots and highlighting in other areas helps enhance hair to look more volumized, especially with longer haircuts.

Now, let’s take a look at the best haircut trends for fine, thin hair this year.


Cuts that combine low maintenance when styling are at the top of the trends this year. From blunt cut bobs to longer lengths, here are the haircut trends that look best on fine and thin hair:


The bob is a great way to add density to thin hair and we’re in luck because this 90’s trend is back. From spunky looks that are heavy with volume at the crown, to more reserved chin and shoulder length cuts. The bob is a great way to highlight features of the face and create an effortless appearance of volume and thickness. A bob haircut can be great for both a sophisticated and youthful look depending on the makeup and other attire that is matched with it.


Blunt Cuts

No matter the length, short, medium, or long, a blunt cut is a good option for fine, thin hair women. The strong weight line that is created when a bob is cut actually gives the illusion of volume and length to any style when the ends are blunt. Blunt cuts may require more time to style however, since waves created by a curling iron pair nicely with this cut.

Young beautiful lady looking over her shoulder at the camera

Medium Length Lobs

Continuing to rise in popularity over the past few years is the lob haircut, otherwise known as the “long bob”. Beautiful in almost any texture, lobs are very versatile whether you want a messy, wavy or sleek look. This cut is especially fitting for someone with a more active lifestyle, because the stacked look of a lob creates a ready-to-wear style.


Long Lengths

Contrary to many beliefs, longer hair can still look great and add depth to locks on thin, fine hair women. Longer cuts however, will require some layering and a good place to start is in the front framing the face. Adding long, light layers in the front will add movement and give the cut a more alluring look.


Hair Extensions

After hair is cut into a new style, you may want to change it up and add versatility to your style with the use of hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great option for women with fine and thin hair as they allow you to create volume and density whenever needed. Here are some trendy looks that can be created with hair extensions…


Cheat Sheet for fine/thin haircuts

  • Don’t add layers in the back – this can take away from overall volume from the hair
  • Do change your part for more dimension
  • Do add in colors for depth and volume
  • Don’t cut bangs – they take away from the hair’s volume
  • Do use Root Volumizing Spray and Stylers to naturally enhance volume of the cut
  • Do add layers in the front to long cuts
  • Do cut hair into a blunt
  • Don’t get cuts that require a lot of heat styling – this is damaging to fine and thin hair

We hope this blog was helpful and gave you some ideas on the best women’s haircuts for fine and thin hair that will work for you.

Stay In the Know

In our next blog, we will discuss sudden hair loss in both men and women. Follow along as we take a look at what triggers and causes hair loss and how to manage the side effects. From nutrition, to lifestyle and styling there are many steps that can be taken to help prevent it from happening and help you.

Contributed by: Lindsay, a content marketing and social media guru. Specializing in hair loss education, hairstyling and all things beauty related.

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  1. I agree with Amy Goldberg. It’s not encouraging, but, disheartening, to see models with thick hair when the topic is thin hair. I would love to see models with thin hair sporting the type of cut mentioned in each style. Wow! Now that would set your site apart from others. I can look in hundreds of other areas to be ‘encouraged.’ I want & need to be ‘inspired’ & ‘informed.’ Plz consider encouraging us & be inspired to use models with thin hair.

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted
    to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Lucy

    Loved this article! I just had my hair cut into a “lob”, but I think I may go for a proper bob next time. I don’t necessarily have a problem with thinning, but I was born with this weird little bald spot just behind my ear where hair just never grew at all. I can conceal it perfectly fine with my hair down, but can’t ever pull it straight back into a pony/bun without it showing. I would LOVE to be able to do a cute, straight-back messy bun.
    Your products came highly recommended by a Youtuber named “HeythereImShannon”, who suffers from Alopecia! Do you think Toppik products could conceal an actual bald spot (about the size of 2 U.S quarters), or is it only for thinning hair?

  4. Amy Goldberg

    The photos you display here are young women without hair problems. I’ve been using Toppik hair fibers for years and am really bothered by this. I’m under the distinct impression that you target men and women with extreme thinning. Namely, me who are balding and post menopause women who have significant hair loss. These photos are ridiculous for the majority if not all of your customers.

    1. Lindsay Mundell

      Hello Amy, the photos are meant to be inspirational to the kind of cuts that you can get to create thinning hair look thicker and fuller. We do realize that most of our audience suffers from hair issues but by having your hairstylist use some these tips and techniques when cutting your hair it will help create the appearance of fuller-looking hair.

    1. Lucy

      A men’s hair blog would be REALLY great- since men’s hair is (usually) short I imagine you’d have to get even more creative in concealing thinning hair. Definitely think it would make for an important article 🙂

  5. Judy

    As I wrote in your contact us form, I have fine, medium length hair that I color medium brown every 6 months(my hair grows slowly). I have been using the hair fibers and hold spray for awhile and they work great. I have also been taking the 2 in 1 capsules(in addition to many supplements and vitamins) and while the bald areas haven’t increased in size, they haven’t decreased either! I don’t use a blow dryer because that damages it. I have tried the hair fattener serum a few times and it doesn’t seem to increase the volume of my hair at all! What it Does, and the reason I stopped using it, is strip off the dye when I wash it out! As a result, instead of the usual 6 mths to color my hair, after using the hair fattener, I had to dye it again in 4 mths, which is costly both to my wallet and the condition of my hair!
    So, I stopped using the hair fattener serum and based on my experience, would not recommend it, particularly to anyone who also colors their hair!
    I thank you though for the hair fibers, the firm hold spray and I hope one day to see positive effects from the 2 in 1 capsules!

      1. Tracy

        Hi Lindsay. I was just wondering if you had a direct response to the claim that the fattening serum is stripping hair colour. I recently purchased almost all of Toppik products, and am happy with them all, but I too have noticed that my hair colour stripped very quickly. Is that a direct side-effect? It would be unfortunate but it certainly wouldn’t deter me from your brand, maybe just avoid certain products. Advisories would be the responsible thing to do, give the customers the choice so you don’t end up with complaints, right?

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