Toppik Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair. Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged, Toppik Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. Toppik resists wind, rain and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo. Nine shades match virtually any hair color, hair type and ethnicity, for both women and men who have fine, thin or thinning hair.


Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin. May Contain/peut contenir/puede contener: Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 22 (CI 45380), Red 33 (CI 17200), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Green 5 (CI 61570), Green 3 (CI 42053), Green 6 (CI 61565), Orange 4 (CI 15510).

WARNINGS: For external use only. If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid inhalation.

PRICE: $24.95



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This stuff is great!!! and looks so natural!! im so happy to finally find something like this product.


I have little to no hair left on tge back of my head im only 26 ,i got. Toppic about 6months a go and the first time i use it i almost cry i have not seen my self with a head full of hair in almost 5years this is amazing i love toppic so toppicmuch and get nervis when i run out thank you for makeing this wonderfull product

makes my white hair fuller

I am an entertainer and perform doing Sinatra and others in front of all types of audiences. The fiber procduct is just great for a thining hair guy at 74 years old. It makes me look great with a full head of white hair look.


I just received the product in the mail today and I couldn't wait to try it. I am just amazed at how it covers where my hair is thinning. I feel like a new person. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't tried it. I have tried the hair color spray coverage by a different company that my hairdresser recommended. It is messy. This is so easy to apply. I couldn't be happier. I would recommend it anyone who

Good looking Grandma..

I use this product faithfully. After every wash and shampoo, I fill in the open spaces. It gives me a natural look, and I am very please with it!

Its greAt

I love this product covers my thinning spot !!! Very natural looking I'm so glad in found this product !!

omg a ,must buy

Love love this product it has built my confidence up now i don't have to worry if anybody lookin at my thinning spots its so easy to use an last all day ..if you're thinking about buying this go ahead an do it!!!!!

Does What It Says!

I can't rave enough about this product. I hesitated at first buy this product because of the cost, but after being a loyal user for over a year I know that I would purchase this even if it was twice the cost! It is so easy to use and I glow over the compliments I now receive over "what beautiful hair I have" even though I know that it is thinning more each year. Toppik does for hair what veneers

"I'm a believer!!"

I just want to say that I received my regular sized Toppik last week and I'm so impressed. I love it! It makes my hair look so much better! No more bald spots and it looks so natural! I will be ordering more! Love it!

Can't Be Without-ever!

Age has brought thinning hair. I've tried a few different products but my search ended when I found this. My thinner areas are in the front, just above my hairline. I just make a few parts and sprinkle like parmasan cheese with my hand held like a visor. Rub it in a bit, and spray. It stays until I wash it out. And a little goes a long way. I use light brown for my ash brown hair with highlight

awesome answer to my problem!!!!

OMG. So my whole life I've had thin hair. I can remember my best friend when I was like 11 yrs old calling me "bald". Well, now that I'm 31 yrs old, I feel more "bald". The thin hair gets greasy so easily. And when my hair is greasy, it separates, thus showing my scalp even more. Ive fantasized about ways to cover it and laughed at the commercials with the spray cans men were using to create false



Amazing product!

This product is wonderful. I just got it, and it works like an absolute charm. Literally, all I did was shake the product on my thinning hair areas, and it immediately covered it up. It looks so natural and is so easy to use. I didn't find it to be messy at all, and it matches my hair color nearly exactly. The shipping was unbelievably fast! I received my order within 36 hours, basic shipping. Gre


This product is amazing and I will keep on purchasing it over and over.
After seeing myself in some photos recently I saw "up close and personal" the thinning hair and "baldish spot" on the back of my head.
I have white hair which I lowlight so it's salt and pepper, however when the roots grow out it's I bought the gray and then decided to get the white to use it together or alone. My hu

A Great Product!

I have been using this to give my hair depth and add a slight bit of color. I am gray. It is just perfect to give me a like of thicker hair and more definition to my gray.

new hair and new person

I just received the product in the mail today and I couldn't wait to try it. I am just amazed at how it covers where my hair is thinning. I feel like a new person. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't tried it. I have tried the hair color spray coverage by a different company that my hairdresser recommended. It is messy. This is so easy to apply. I couldn't be happier. I would recommend it anyone who

Wig, goodbye!

How wonderful to not have "scalp shine" any more, and to have such thicker, fuller looking hair! I wore wigs for almost a year, which is like wearing a tight, hot wool cap 10 hours a day, in all weather, and is miserable. This has given me back my own hair! Amazing!


I couldnt believe it; I wasnt sure but I had to try...and this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Received it today, ordering more today. THANK YOU TOPPIK for helping this female out....I'm still stunned...if anyone is not sure; just try it. I don't know HOW they did it, but they did!!!!

Four thumbs up!

My apologies in advance.......My friend and I started to experience thinning hair last year. We tried volumizing shampoos and sprays, but there are only so many ways to comb hair that is thin and our scalp always showed through, especially my friend who has dark brown hair. My hair is very fine so it was even harder to get any oomph to my hair-do that would cover the bare spot at my front hairline

Believe me: The results are INCREDIBLE!

I have been using this product for 3 years and am very satisfied with it. EVEN if you have very thin hair, this product does wonders. First I wash and condition my hair, After drying I spray , let dry, then fluff with a dry towel. Then I combine a dark brown shade of Toppik with a lip-stick type dark brown color "pen" for covering the grey at my sides and temple areas (available online and /or at

Toppik has boosted my confidence.

A couple of years ago I had a stroke, then another stroke followed by an open heart surgery, I was only 36 years old. One of the major side effects of the stroke was it triggered significant hair loss that still has not completely stopped. My doctors had a hard time understanding why and there was nothing they could do for me. I was feeling very desperate and depressed about it when my husband fou




I've been using this for about 13-15 when white roots grow back, Toppik covers the light spots that look bald...and actually makes hair look thicker! I use a mascara to color sides until I can dye my hair...but Toppik is the very best...Try it!


This product is amazing. I have been going through hair loss for fifteen years and it has only gotten worse over the years. My hair is long but extremely thin and I have bald patches throughout my hair due to hormonal issues. For a woman who is only in her early forties, it has been devastating. I came across this product while searching the Internet and decided to try it. This product is amazing!

Confidence Restored

First saw this product written about in a recent issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and decided to give it a try. I am 61 yrs. old with a cute short hair style and coloring to help minimize thin hair and thinning spots on the crown and sides of my head. This product is miraculous! I purchased this without the spray applicator but did fine applying the product by tapping as the website video shows

This product is amazing!

I could not leave the house without using Toppik! My hair is incredibly thin and sparse on top and after using Toppik, it looks like I have a full head of hair! It has literally been a life changer for me. I don't have to be embarrassed or self conscious about my hair now. Thank you Toppik! I will be forever grateful.

Awesome Product!

I bought this product twice and I'm ordering more now. I heard about this product from a friend. I am a 33 years old female, but have the problem with thinning hair for 5 years now. I get so embarrassed when people notice my hair loss. I often wear a hat and I am also known as "the girl with a hat" because I own about 18 of them. I get nervous when I am sitting down and some one is standing behind

Definitely buying this again!!

I've been using this product now for over a week. I purchased the 'medium brown' color and it matches my hair color absolutely perfectly. I'm very impressed with this product because of how well it works. It instantly makes the thinning bald areas on my scalp no longer bare, thin and bald. It makes my hair look thicker and completely natura looking. I absolutely love this product and will definite

Unbelivable great

I have been looking for a wiglet, when I asked someone at the store I was shown the Toppik, well now I am hooked, I have always been embarrassed at how the top of my hair was, it is now fuller and just looks great instantly, so many products are out there and so many of try them to no avail, BUT this is one product I will also be stocking up on. Just wondering where has this been all my life? Tha


This product is a dream come true for me !!!!! I have been thinning for years and have tried A LOT of products and I can't thank you enough for Toppik....It took me a couple of try's to get it right ,but it works GREAT .. ty,ty,ty..I am so happy with this product.I can walk out the door and not feel like everyone is looking at my thinning hair.

Outstanding Product

I am 50 years old and my hair has been thinning for the last 4-5 years. Toppik completely covers the bald spot in the back and fills in the thin areas on the sides of my scalp. You have to be careful on the edges or you can see the fibers on your scalp. This has been a godsend to me and my confidence when I go out has been boosted 110%.

Life changing

Wow!This stuff is crazy,I wish I had heard of it years ago! the transformation within seconds blew my mind,think I am going to stock up.

This is the best.

This product is amazing. It makes my hair look fuller and no more bald spots. It looks so natural. My first application I cried with my mother (I know not very manly to say) she has helped me through my hair loss since I was 18. I am now 25, and my prayers seem to be answered. Thank you guys very much!

It works!!

If your thinking this doesn't work, please trust me it does!! I've been using this product for years and it has been great!!

changed my life!

I can't say enough about the product. I couldn't live without it now that I have used Toppik for the past month.I'm no longer afraid that people will see my scalp through my thinning hair. Toppik is so easy to apply, too. I just shake it onto my thin spots, pat it in, add a little hair spray and go. You have helped to bring my self-confidence to a new level!

Confidence boost in a can!

I have thinning hair and peekaboo scalp from hormonal changes. After trying thickening shampoos, styling products, etc., I discovered Toppik. I just shake the fibers on (as someone said, like parmesan cheese) and use the Fiberhold spray. The color is completely uniform with my own, making my hair look naturally thick, my scalp disappear, and my confidence soar. I can't recommend this product highl


I was skeptical at first so started with the travel size figuring if it was over-hyped I'm only out seven bucks. I was quite surprised that something so seemingly simple worked so well. Covers my thinning area and no one can tell. It won't put hair on a bald head but for thin areas it looks completely natural if applied correctly. Beats other far more expensive options I've seen. Moved up to the regular size. I would recommend this to anyone

Dont believe it? Try it!

I'm a cautious guy...and a sales, you can figure out that I dont fall for many marketing campaigns. But I took a chance on this product and man am I satisfied. I had the whole family take a look at my hair...outside in the bright light. Everyone was delighted as to how it turned out!
I even went to the gym to work out and everything stayed just as great looking as the moment I went in.

Couldn't live without it!!!!

I love, love, love this product. I heard about it from my hairdresser. With my hair thinning and places in my hair that "separate" it has been a godsend. It blends in and looks so natural. I recommend it highly!!!


I have been using Toppik for all most 10 years now. It makes such a big improvement. It's easy to use and I still remember clearly the amazing feeling I got of excitement when I first used it. I looked like I grew hair back instantly. Best feeling. Still use it everyday. It's part of my life forever.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

OMG!!! I have had thin, baby-fine hair all my life but it has progressively gotten worse over the past five years. I have tried every product on the market, been to every hairdresser in town, consulted my internist and dermatologist. Heredity and hormones are not my friend. This product has given me such a confidence boost! I no longer sit in the back of the room so that no one has to look at the

Great product

This thing works great but make sure you buy from their website, dont buy from [@] they have fake stuff. You will save few bucks but the result wont good, so better spend few bucks extra and look nice.

Love it, but...

I love, love, love this product and have been using it for years. However, the only problem I have is that after a few hours (where my hair is the thinnest) I see it starts to form little clumps and so it looks spotty. Has anyone else experienced this?

life changing

I have always had thin hair and recently stress has caused hair loss on the sun you could see my scalp all the way through the top of my embarrassing! I avoided going outside unless I was in the shade or it was overcast and wore bandanas to cover my scalp. I cannot believe the change with toppik. It looks like I have a full head of hair..unbelievable! No longer afraid of going out

we both use it

My hair is very thin and fine. I have had to fight this problem for many years. I would back comb my hair and that would make it only thinner. I bought this wonderful powder and I am in love with it. My husband is also impressed with the way it has covered my spots and he wants me to buy him some. He has been losing his hair since being on medication. I am ordering him some today.Don't sit on the

The best product ever came across

I really loved this product. It has tremendously increased my self confidence. I feel very confident when I meet people and go out. Will always buy this product.

Some help

I have been using this product for a couple of years and I love it but do not know what I am doing wrong. After I apply it to my hair and I comb my hair by the basin I can wipe the black powder off from around the basin and the floor.
What am I doing wrong. I am getting aggravated because it is such a mess. I applied it this morning to go out and combed my hair by the basin and have the black po

Almost a dream come true

This Toppik product is great. I have very, very little hair on the top of my head. This makes it look like I have more hair. I keep buying it again and again. However, I can't use it on my widow's peak at all, so my hair still looks very thin there and it does itch a little bit.

I'm sold

It took about three trys to perfect how to apply to my thinning scalp areas but I love it. It give me confidence I haven't had in years. It just looks better and so I feel better. My hair is very thin on top so I especially hate the hot summer days when heat and sweat makes my thin hair look flat but this product even helps absorb the moisture so my hair at the roots stays dry and lifted. I'm sold

Great Product - but.......

I really do love this product. My Mom gave it to me years ago, and it's made me much more comfortable with my female pattern baldness. Unfortunately, I do find that my scalp itches and that's annoying. My biggest problem is that I see some of these very tiny fibers in my pores. I believe some of the fibers get on my pillow and then into my pores. Has anyone else had this problem? It works we

Don't give up too quickly

After reading reviews, I had high hopes and ordered the light brown/blond, thinking the color might be a little too light since my hair is really more medium brown, but it was much too dark for me and my scalp just looked dirty. But I was still hopeful and ordered the next shade down (I think it's light blond), which looked almost white when sprinkled on my hair. So I mixed the two small bottles t

This + a Little of That = Confidence

(For all Men like me and in my position, especially those who have gone through, currently are, or you who will eventually deal with the receding hair line on front left and right portions of ur hair line) For whatever it may be worth to anyone getin my advice, if u could use a little stability that most of ur problems are over for the rest of ur life with covering those bald spots with some of th

Almost perfect!

Well, I was expecting to send this back. But, it really does work! I thought it would be hard to use and messy--------but, it wasn't. The only trick is not putting too much on so it looks natural. I don't have bald spots----------just thinning hair that pretty soon you will be able to see through on the top. I guess this is what happens when a person ages, and goes through the change of life. You

Don't Be Fooled

Toppik is a great product. However, the only complaint that I have is they advertise the fibers as staying in your hair under perspiration. This is not true. If you sweat, the product runs down your face in a green color. You have to buy the spray that holds it in place.

This is the only complaint that I have about the product.

TOPPIK is Great

I have female pattern baldness right in the front of my head; very embarasing. Shake a little Toppik there & I'm good.

Highly Recommend

"I am only 36 years old, female, & have always had fine thin hair, but due to medications the thinning and balding areas have increased. My scalp would show through so much that I didn't want to even go out. Since finding this product I have much more confidence in my appearance. This has been a life saver. I have medium brown to dark brown hair & bought the dark brown. The dark brown is a little



Just started-seems like it helps

I just started using it. It is more difficult to do it yourself. It is hard to reach areas that cannot be seen. It appears like it is making a slight difference.

Love it!

I love this product! When I was younger I always had long hair but got self conscious when it thinned on top after I had my children. I went from long to short back and forth. Finally after learning about toppik from a friend I tried it and all I can say is I will never cut my hair short again...It covers the see through hair on top and makes me feel confident that my hair looks great! Thanks a

Good hair days are here again!

I'm almost 50, and have had thinning hair since my late 20s. My skin is very fair, and my hair is very dark brown, so it's glaringly obvious that my hair is very thin in spots. My hair is shoulder length, wavy, and thick everywhere but on top, near the front. I always thought that if I only had more coverage on top, I would have really great hair. I even tried a hairpiece, and it looked utterly ri

The best product of it's type..

I am a woman with some thinning on top and Toppik is the best product of it's type by far. It's not swim proof and the color selection is too limited...Blond is far too light. Auburn looks orange on my scalp. Light Brown looks like I have gray roots growing in. And, Medium brown looks almost black. It doesn't run with perspiration, but it does tend to bead up and looks like...well, bugs! Mixi

I love it but .......

I've been using this product a couple of months and was very pleased with the result. I am a 56 yr old woman who has thinning hair on top and this is what I needed to hide my shiny scalp. However I have noticed that when I am outside in the summer heat sweating more the product turns a greenish color especially visible at my part. I have also tried mixing colors because I have highlighted brown ha

Hair Vitamins

The Toppik vitamins are a must! I take two in the morning and after about two weeks, my hair was softer and it looks much thicker. I am ordering another month now.

Hair Vitamins

The Toppik vitamins are a must! I take two in the morning and after about two weeks, my hair was softer and it looks much thicker. I am ordering another month now.