Toppik is the creator of fuller-looking, thicker hair, and its products are loved by millions of customers around the globe. The product line includes best-selling hair-thickening products, as well as other hair care, styling and makeup products.

  1. Colored Hair Thickener
    Colored Hair Thickener

    Instantly conceal scalp show-through and make thinning hair look full and thick with this colored spray.

    Price $19.95
  2. Hair Fibers Starter Set
    Hair Fibers Starter Set

    3-piece starter value set that includes all of your Hair Fibers essentials.
    Limited Colors Available

    Price $35.00 As low as $14.00
  3. Brow Building Fibers Set
    Brow Building Fibers Set

    The same hair fiber technology is used to create thick, full and natural-looking eyebrows.

    Price $19.95