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Help for Thinning Hair: Your ponytail is shrinking... or your part's getting wider... or there's more hair in the drain. Up to 80% of women will have some hair thinning in their lifetime, even if only temporarily. Long-term measures can take 3 to 6 months to yeild results. In the meantime, it's worth trying some temporary solutions. Toppik Hair Building Fibers (in a variety of shades) can be shaken on sparse areas to mask them.
Thanks to a slew of new science, volume boosters have major new benefits. Toppik Hair Fattener is basically a leave-in conditioner, styling aide, and thickener rolled into one. The hefty dose of keratin proteins nourish and strengthen, so use it on wet or dry hair to add volume, shine, and thickness.
Are you guilty of going to extremes in a quest for a fuller mane (home remedies, vitamins, a regulated diet), only to realize nothing is really working? At the end of the day, your hair type is embedded in your genes so your best option is to learn how to work with what you’ve got. There are a few staples every girl with thin hair should have on hand at all times. Hair-building fibers with keratin protein instantly give the look of fuller, thicker hair. Mask any thinning areas by applying this powdery substance to the root. Try Toppik Hair Building Fibers!
What would you give up in order to have fuller hair? According to a survey, 77% of men claimed they would give up something for a year for the promise of thicker, fuller hair. To be exact, 33% said they’d give up beer, 26% magazines and videos, 26% guys night out, and 20% would give up watching their favorite sport. Are you with them? If your answer’s yes, or you’re even slightly intrigued... we believe that achieving fuller-looking hair shouldn’t be all that painstaking. Embrace Hair Fibers! While this may not be your daily go-to, it’s a great option for a big event. Try finishing your look by applying a colored hair powder or fibers product like Toppik Hair Building Fibers to help increase volume at the root and cover your scalp. It’s an inconspicuous way to blend any sparse or bald spots into your hair."
Toppik introduces new 3-in-1 Hair Renewal Shampoo, a lightweight, anti-aging formula that cleanses, conditions and exfoliates the hair and scalp in one step, cultivating the optimal environment for hair growth. The Toppik 3-in-1 Hair Renewal Shampoo combines a nourishing cocktail of Keratin, to reinforce hair from root to tip, Red Palm Oil, rich in Vitamin E to promote cell regeneration and increased circulation to the scalp and Carotenes, which the body converts to Vitamin A for increased hair health, and Camu Camu, a powerful antioxidant that serves to reduce inflammation and irritation on the scalp, with Lactic Acid, to gently exfoliate the scalp. Formulated without sulfates or parabens, Toppik 3-in-1 Hair Renewal Shampoo is safe to be used daily, even for color-treated hair.
How To Add Volume To Your Hair In Minutes: Transforming thin, fine hair into a voluminous masterpiece isn't easy, but it's far from impossible. Take the right approach and follow the appropriate prep — it's not just what products you use but how you use them — and you'll soon have gorgeous, full locks you've been lusting after. Toppik Hair Building Fibers eliminate thin-looking hair, making it fuller and unable to see the scalp. Toppik, which comes in a variety of shades for different hair colors, is a micro-fine, keratin powder that should be sprinkled on and sealed with hairspray - or Toppik FiberHold Spray. Static electricity helps bond the powder to the hair, and the use of hairspray at the end provides an extra layer of protection.
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Hide Your Roots in a Hurry: Why we love Toppik Hair Building Fibers: Tiny hairlike Fibers (made of actual Keratin) attach to strands, filling in sparse spots. Plus, it won't run, smear or stain - even if you sweat, sleep or get stuck in the rain!
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Our short-term fix for thicker hair: sprinkle - or spray - Toppik Hair Building Fibers. They adhere to your strands, adding instant volume and hiding thinning areas.
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Top Locks. We know that proper diet can enhance skin, nails and hair… but we can't always be perfect about eating the right things. Now you can give that diet a serious beauty boost with Toppik Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules. Packed with Keratin, Biotin, Vitamin E and more, the capsules help support fine or thinning hair with gorgeous results.
Fine Solutions: Fake Fuller Hair! Tinted Keratin fibers (in Toppik Hair Building Fibers) cling to hair strands, making them appear thicker while camouflaging noticeable scalp show-through.
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While dyeing hair should be left to the experts, these non-dye products can help perfect and preserve the aging man's 'do outside of the salon. Fill in scalp-baring spots with Keratin Fibers that cling to strands. For a custom salt and pepper look, mix White or Gray Fibers shades with the shade that matches your hair color.
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Whatever the cause of hair loss, every recovery plan requires patience: FIRST’s experts say the body needs time to adjust to drug therapies, and hair generally takes several months to start growing again. Try not to let the waiting game sap your self-esteem. “People worry that others are focusing on their hair, but that’s usually not the case,” Dr. Redmond assures. “Having seen more than 10,000 women with hair loss in 25-plus years. I can scarcely think of an example where a patient’s personal relationships were negatively affected by this issue.” As you’re waiting for hair to fill in, Dr. Redmond recommends using Toppik, a sweat-proof cosmetic powder made from pigmented keratin fibers (available in nine shades, $25 for a 30-day supply, at Toppik.com). When applied to thinning spots, the fibers bind to barely-there baby hairs to conceal visible scalp-and help you feel more confident.
The Dr. Oz Show - “If Thinning Hair Has You Feeling Down, Help Is Here”
Dr. Oz features Toppik as a thinning hair solution, as expert Trichologist Candy Lewis uses the Toppik Spray Applicator with Toppik Keratin Fibers on the show to demonstrate how to easily get immediate coverage.
CBS Live From the Couch
This segment highlights Toppik Keratin Hair Building Fibers to make fine and thinning hair look thicker and fuller.
Glo.MSN.com - “The Real Woman’s Post-Baby Beauty Guide”
"After my second child was born, my hair started thinning around the hairline, which can be a common postpartum symptom," says beauty publicist Linda McCarthy. "A friend suggested I try this colored keratin protein powder that seamlessly fills in signs of patchiness and thinning. It worked like a charm."
Happi.com - “Introducing Toppik Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules”
Give that diet a serious beauty boost with Toppik’s new Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules ($19.95 for a 30-day supply). Designed to work in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, these daily supplements help support fine, thin or thinning hair for beautiful results, said the company. The product is enriched with a proprietary VitaRenew Complex, Toppik Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules blend essential antioxidants, vitamins and exotic extracts for optimal hair health. Each dual action gluten-free supplement features a mélange of beauty beneficial ingredients including keratin, biotin, and vitamin E.
Pregnancy & Newborn - “Bringin’ Sexy Back”
Treat postpartum beauty concerns and shape your bod to prepregnancy status. Problem: Hair Loss. These natural-colored keratin fibers bind to all hair types to create fullness and fill in sparse spots – and wash right out.
Z-Life Magazine - “Hair Raising Fact”
Just like our skin, our strands can’t escape mother time. Here are a few of our favorites to keep locks lively throughout the years. Toppik Hair Building Fibers Kit. Thicker, fuller hair in minutes.
Allure - “Braids With a Twist: Wide Part”
Dr. Oz features Toppik as a thinning hair solution, as expert Trichologist Candy Lewis uses the Toppik Spray Applicator with Toppik Keratin Fibers on the show to demonstrate how to easily get immediate coverage.
The Today Show - “Simple Secrets to Looking Younger”
Toppik Hair Building Fibers are featured as an instant solution to make thinning hair look thicker and fuller in this segment.
O, The Oprah Magazine - “Miracle Grow - Instant (& Cheap) Gratification”
Fullmore ($22) is a tinted spray that temporarily thickens hair with tiny fibers and conceals visible scalp. Hair Restoration Specialist Lucinda Ellery tells clients to try it before committing to extensions; for many it’s the only fix they need.
Examiner.com - “Get Instant Voluminous Hair With Toppik”
Men and women can agree on one thing; thinning, bald spots or overall flat hair can be both embarrassing and nearly difficult to conceal.

Most solutions to hair loss include expensive alternatives such as hair transplant surgery or scalp damaging extensions but the innovation behind Toppik is an affordable quick fix to boost volume and personal confidence with just a few easy steps.

Featured in national publications, TV shows, fashion and health media this product is becoming one of the most featured new beauty items in the United States. Because the product is made without toxic ingredients, Toppik has been recommended by doctors even for sensitive post-transplant surgery patients looking to hide bald patches during transitional stages of hair growth.

Even those with a full head of hair looking for an added thickness for a special occasion can benefit from the quick application method and long wearing results.

Celebrity hair trends often showcase a full head of locks that thin haired men and women envy but with Toppick the desired volume is tangible and convenient. The at home products are simple enough to use without the help of another person and create an instant coverage for areas of the hair that are noticeably sparse. Because the Keratin fibers immediately adhere to the scalp or hair follicles, there is little room for mistake and the result is a long lasting thickness that will hold until the fibers are shampooed out of the hair.

Find out how to build a fuller, more ample head of hair with just four easy steps by clicking the list link below.

1. Style - Get instant voluminous hair with Toppik
Toppik should be applied on dry hair. Follow normal daily styling routine such as blow drying and detangling but be sure to dry the hair completely before adding any fibers. Decide where to apply Toppik according to desired finish look considering what areas need the most coverage or added thickness.

2. Apply - Get instant voluminous hair with Toppik
Shake a generous amount of fibers to the desired areas of the hair. Use straight from the container or apply with the spray applicator for a more controlled disbursement of fibers. The product will attach onto the scalp and hair follicles right after shaking and can be layered until the preferred look is achieved.

3. Distribute - Get instant voluminous hair with Toppik
Once the fibers are applied, gently distribute the fibers with fingertips or a small comb for an even appearance. From this point, add as many layers until fullness and volume meet expectations. The fibers are sweat, rain and wind proof making it a smart styling method.

4. Finish - Get instant voluminous hair with Toppik
Complete the Toppik product application by smoothing out the hair at the hairline and tend to any other details such as flyaway strands or natural frizz. Finish styling as usual. Now enjoy a fresh full head of hair all day long! Pretty simple, right?
Essence Magazine - “The BEST COVER UP”
There’s nothing worse than trying to avoid dark roots or looking in the mirror and seeing those pesky grays have shown up again. Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($35, sephora.com) is our go-to product when we need to cover up our roots or blend those extensions. Its spray applicator allows us to apply the pure keratin fibers to the precise areas, while the comb lets us keep a natural-looking hairline.
RealBeauty.com - “Best Products for Thinning Hair”
Up to sixty percent of women experience hair loss throughout their lives from genetic or environmental factors. We've tracked down the most effective treatments to help your strands stay strong.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers Starter Kit
This three-piece kit is all you need to disguise unwanted bald spots and thinning hair. You can pick between nine different hues for the best hair color match, or mix two together for a custom shade. To apply, shake the colored keratin protein fibers liberally over trouble spots and gently pat your hair to disperse the product evenly. For greater durability, follow up with the FiberHold spray and you're good to go!

$35; sephora.com
Latest Hairstyles - “20 Must-Have Products For Men”
Men. You have very different hair and scalp concerns than women. A man’s scalp is thicker and produces more sebum. What everyone needs to know is that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, and using the right products are essential for this. Don’t let your lady yell at you for stealing her hair products, take the time to find the perfect products for YOU. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you and found the top 20 hair products for men. Check them out!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers is a completely natural way to conceal thinning and bald spots. It is great for that awkward transition period when guys are beginning to thin out, but haven’t yet taken the plunge to shave their heads or deal with it surgically. Toppik is completely undetectable to the eye, comes in nine shades (including gray, which can be mixed and matched with browns/blacks to maintain a more salt and pepper look), and stays put through rain and sweat until shampooed out. It’s definitely not your typical “hair in a can”! This is a celeb hairstylist staple that has had a cult consumer following for years.
Archetypeme - “Beauty Trend: Anti-Aging Hair Products”
Just when we thought we had all the stay-young bases covered, suddenly our locks must look like they belong on the cover of Teen Vogue, no matter what our birth certificate says (none of your business). And it’s not just about the cut and color, but how much we lose every week and how lackluster it is compared to a few years — or decades — ago.

Enter a new twist: Hair products designed to turn back the clock. Now we can choose from shampoos, conditioners, and serums that offer scalp-and-cell-stimulating collagen molecules, fibers that pump up the volume and ingredients that make hair soft and shiny at any age.
“Remember that the scalp ages too," warns New York–based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. "As the texture of that skin changes, the follicle structure is compromised, which ultimately results in unhealthy hair strands. When you apply active ingredients like retinols, it amplifies cell turnover.”
Here, we've rounded up a few of the latest and greatest hair-boosting products out there.

Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they reach 40. Camouflage it with Toppik Hair Building Fibers, which magnetically bind to your hair to conceal your scalp and blend seamlessly with natural hair, adding fullness. Comes with a comb designed to help create natural-looking hairline.
Ocean Magazine - “Beach Babe Glow”
Get celebrity gorgeous hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibers instantly make thinning hair look thick and full.
TheConfessionsOfAHairstylist.com - “Volumizing Hair Products”
Good Housekeeping - “Quick Fix for Thin Hair”
Concealing your sparse strands needn’t require complicated styling products or techniques. An easy new option: hair fibers. Post styling, shake onto thinning areas on your scalp then pat or rub in. The electrostatically charged particles will bind to strands, creating a fuller, thicker look that lasts until you shampoo. Try Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($25, nine shades; toppik.com)
Dancing with the Stars - “Toppik Goes Dancing with the Stars”
Juicy Magazine - “Mane Attraction Hair Styles, So Thick: Natural Beauty.”
Want an immediate solution to thinning edges? Sprinkle Toppik Hair Building Fibers over problem areas for a fuller look. The colored keratin protein clings to hair and conceals the scalp. $47, sephora.com and toppik.com
2013 HBA International Package Design Awards - “Top Beauty Packaging Innovations Selected As HBA IPDA Finalist”
HAIR CARE: Toppik Starter Kit by Scott-Vincent Borba. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/30/ny-hba-global-awards-idUSnPNNY23153+1e0+PRN20130530
AARP.org - “Wedding After 50? 3 Things You Need to Know”
WEAR WHITE. I know you’re tempted to show your confidence and spirit in shocking pink or red but do yourself a favor. White will make you look rested, healthy and radiant in person … and in all those photos and videos. You’ll thank me for this later. Then follow two other crucial but confidence boosting tips. Swipe on a fast-dry quick-color self-tanner like Sonia Kashuk Face & Body Golden Tanning Towelettes ($10.49,target.com). Go head-to-toe to bump up the glow and hide all brown spots, veins and sun-damage. Then boost your hair quality with a sprinkle of matched-color protein powder called Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($21.95, www.toppik.com). It fills in sparse or thinning hair, clings till you shampoo out and is sweat proof. They’re the secret source for many mature on-camera celebs of both sexes so why not make it work for you?
Los Angeles Business Journal - “Hair Product Takes Root On TV”
Toppik’s head topper fills in blanks for actor portraying president.
When a President Obama impersonator made a recent appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” Mark Kress was impressed. Not because of the skit’s silly content but because it was the most extraordinary presentation of his 30-year-old hair product to date.

Kress’ Toppik Hair Building Fibers was used to turn the nearly bald actor into an Obama lookalike with a full head of hair.

“The still photos that I’ve seen, they surprised even me,” said Kress, founder and chief executive of West L.A.-based Toppik. “What I liked about the Fallon skit was a dramatic change they made. Usually, (Toppik) is used to enhance the appearance of someone with thinning hair, but in this case, the makeup artist could create an entire head of hair with it. That was one of the most dramatic demonstrations I’ve ever seen.”

Toppik is a line of hair products created to give thinning hair a thicker appearance by temporarily attaching dense keratin fibers to existing hair shafts.

Fallon’s hairstylist, Courtney Benedetti, used the product to turn actor Dion Flynn’s receding hairline into one that matches the president’s.

“I didn’t know if it was going to pan out,” she said, explaining that normally there’s some hair for the product to grab onto. “But it worked and ended up looking great.”

Though the product is used on other high-profile shows such as “Dancing With the Stars,” Kress said the dramatic exposure on Fallon’s late-night show should get the product further exposure. That effort, so far, is limited to posting the before and after images on the company’s Facebook page.

“Toppik was a life saver for me when we did a last minute Obama skit and I did not have a wig. I used Toppik to create a whole new hairline to the actor's receded hair. First I used the black to fill it in completely and then I layered it with white to create the famous salt and pepper hair of our President. I set it all with the Toppik hairspray and it latest perfectly for the long shoot days. I opted to never use a wig because this looked so natural”!
Courtney Benedetti
Hair Superviso, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Real Simple Magazine - “Better Hair Fast.”
Does your hair take more time than it should? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes. Experts are here to help, with five pages of styling shortcuts that will streamline your routine. Hair. Done.

Quick tip:
To disguise a widening part, dust a colored hair-thickening powder, such as Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($25, Sephora.com), says stylist Ted Gibson. The fibers in the powder cover both hair and skin.
Short Hair Magazine - “Beauty Blunder”
Your baby-fine strands could really use some thickening up!
Problem Solved! Ready for your fullest hair yet? Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made with all natural colored keratin protein, so when you shake it onto thinning areas, the fibers cling to and bend with your existing strands, making locks look instantly thick and lush. It’s also ideal for touching up roots and hiding patchy spots. Available in 9 shades: $24.95, Sephora.com and toppik.com.
LifeSongsOfABusyMom.com - “Mother's Day Colossal Giveaway!”
The "mother" of all Mother's Day giveaways!
I'm so excited to be able to bless one very lucky mother with a boat load of prizes this Mother's Day! Blessing others is so important to me, and I am so very grateful for all the wonderful vendors who donated their time and products for this giveaway! Thank you all so very very much!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Give Oh Giveaway and Diary Of A Not So Wimpy Mom for co-hosting this giveaway!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers and Spray Applicator ($66.90) Toppik Hair Building Fibers is made of all natural, colored keratin protein, in which the fibers blend perfectly with your existing hair, instantly making it look fuller. Toppik blends naturally with hair and conceals scalp, thinning hair, balding spots, etc. It is rain, wind and sweat resistant. Toppik Spray Applicator allows precise application of Toppik into thinning areas. Ideal for the hairline, which allows a controlled, fine mist that will diffuse naturally over the hair and scalp. Click HERE to visit Toppik

This colossal giveaway is open to all US residents, ages 18 and over.
One winner will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter widget.
The winner will be notified via e-mail, so make sure you provide the correct address. The winner must respond within two days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another replacement winner will be chosen.

Giveaway ends at midnight EST on May 10, 2013. The giveaway winner will be announced May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day).
Entertainista.com - “Beauty Spotlight on Toppik Hair Building Fibers”
Like many women I color my hair and have been doing so since a young age, the result is pretty scary but now if I go more than 4 weeks between salon visits I get ugly outgrowth that shines like the top of the Chrysler building aka gray hair. There are lots of products on the market that would help fix this problem but all them would make my devoted colorist run screaming towards the hills, plus me + at home color = very big mess.

The solution – Toppik Hair Building Fibers. This little gem is super easy to use, creates to mess, and shampoos right out. Toppik is made using natural colored keratin fibers in powder form that are statically charged to bond to even the finest hair and are designed to withstand rain, wind and perspiration while being completely undetectable to look at. Just style hair as normal, dust on Toppik, pat into place, seal your overall style with some hairspray and your good to go. If you want a more targeted application, no problem, just use the spray applicator for laser-focused covering. The best part is Toppik will not stick to your clothes or face so you can apply after your makeup with no worries.

Toppik comes in 9 shades that work with all hair types and ethnicities, and made of 100% natural keratin. The Toppik start kit, available exclusively at Sephora.com, includes a 0.42oz Hair Building Fibers, spray applicator, and hairline optimizer for $35. You can find more information plus shop other Toppik products at www.toppik.com.
KCAL: CBS Los Angeles - Spring Beauty Tips
Spring hair trends:
Hair trends for the season are either “beachy” messy waves, sleek low pony tails, wet looking hair or braids.

• To create two looks, you can start with a braided style by day and transition into “beachy” waves at night by undoing the braids.

• Start by doing parts throughout your hair and braiding sections. Next, dust Toppik Hair Building Fibers on visible parts to help blur the lines then secure with an elastic. Now you’re ready for the day.

• At night unbraid hair, and finger comb. The fibers you applied in your hair in the day will act like a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and give hair body to create beautiful messy “beachy” waves without rubbing off on clothes.
Toppik Hits Times Square
The Times Square Screen
Essence Magazine - “Essence Best In Black Beauty Awards 2013”
These nourishing treats bring out the best in your strands, whether they're relaxed or natural. Toppik Hair Building Fibers: Does the job filling in thin spots and covering up gray roots. ($25, 30-day, Sephora.com) Read full article: http://photos.essence.com/galleries/best-black-beauty-awards-hair#287406_285426
OK! Magazine - “Thin is Out.”
Natural  keratin  fibers blend with your existing hair to make it look thick and full.

"Toppik Fibers are my secret to red-carpet ready hair."
Scott-Vincent Borba
Celebrity Hair & Color Expert
SheKnows.com - “Hair Today, gone tomorrow: How To Prevent Hair Loss”
Show your hair you care
We all want a gorgeous, thick mane of hair. The scary truth, though, is we lose plenty of hair every day — like 100 hairs! If you've discovered more strands than ever falling out in the shower or after brushing your hair, stop the cycle before it gets out of control.

Be kind to your hair
"Believe it or not, sleeping can tug on hair and lead to patch hair loss," says Scott-Vincent Borba, SVP of Marketing and Creative Director of Toppik, a leader in thinning hair solutions. To offset sleeping jitters which can lead to breakage, be sure to condition hair from root to tip.

"It's important to brush your hair correctly," says Borba. Hold up sections of the hair and brush down to eliminate tangles. Then gradually move all the way up until you can brush from root to tip without knots. Also, avoid teasing and back-combing as much as possible, as this leads to breakage.

To give the appearance of fuller hair, try a product like Toppik Hair Building Fibers. These keratin fibers are static charged and will cling to the tiniest, thinnest hairs, and they will not budge until you wash your hair.

"Low-level laser light therapy is a great modality offered in the clinic or as an at-home service for women who are starting to thin," says Dr. Ryan Welter, board-certified hair restoration surgeon in North Attleboro, MA. The laser therapy is a focused column of cool light which interacts with the hair follicles and causes them to start dividing. The result is a cessation of the progression of hair loss in more than 90 percent of women and up to 20 to 25 percent grow new hair. These therapeutic sessions should be done for at least six months before a maintenance program is considered.
DailyMakeover.com - “No More Flat Hair! How To Bulk Up Fine Strands”
Who doesn’t covet thick, luscious hair a la Gisele Bundchen, Angelina Jolie, or Jessica Alba? Even if you’re a short haired gal, volume and texture is key to helping achieve shape and style. Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with celebrity genes but even if you’re battling flat, lifeless hair, don’t fret — there are plenty of tips and tricks that’ll help fine hair look (or even grow!) thicker and fuller. We consulted Vaughn Acord and Damian Santiago, New York stylists and owners of Mizu Salon, for some professional advice on the secrets to styling fine hair.

Shampoo Daily
You may have heard advice against shampooing daily, but with fine hair, it’s important to wash it often to keep hair from being matted or weighed down by oil and dirt, advises Santiago. “And don’t be afraid to use conditioner, or a treatment,” he says. “Many products now contain ingredients such as fibers or wheat germ that coat the strands, or a thickening agent that helps plump the hair.”

Try: Bumble & bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner ($24-$25, bumbleandbumble.com); Toppik Hair Fattener ($14.95, toppik.com); Nioxin DiaMax with HTX ($50)
Decisive Latino - “Tips For Fuller Looking Hair”
To give the appearance of fuller hair, try the Toppik Hair Building Fibers. These keratin fibers are static charged and will cling to the tiniest, thinnest hairs and will not budge until you wash your hair.

Latinas often use clip-on extensions. To reduce pulling and tugging on the hair, place the clip one inch higher and then use the Toppik Spray Applicator to hide tracks and provide a fuller look.
DailyMakeover.com - “8 Weird Ways Celebs Get Red Carpet Ready”
I’m counting down the days until Oscars night, but I’m also dreading it just the tiniest bit. There’s something about seeing actresses in designer dresses with toned arms and flawless skin that makes me (usually watching from home in flannel pjs with zit cream on) feel less than stellar about myself. But, like Us Weekly says, stars are “Just Like Us,” which means they don’t roll out of bed looking perfect, either. I talked to some of the leading professionals in the beauty business to get their tips and tricks when it comes to getting a celeb ready for the red carpet:

1. A-List Shine
Ever notice that no matter how many hot oil treatments or serums you try, your hair never quite looks as shiny as, say, Amanda Seyfried‘s? Hollywood beauty pro and esthetician Scott-Vincent Borba says the reason lies in one his most trusted red carpet beauty secrets: “I will take ultra-fine glitter powder and mix it with hair spray, then I’ll use this mixture when styling.” The lights and cameras pick up the sparkle so viewers at home are left with major hair envy.

2. Glowy Goodness
Stars are subject to thousands of photos during a red carpet event. To give skin a supernova glow, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. David Colbert suggests applying two drops of any argan oil to foundation before applying. This trick helps evens out light reflectance from the skin, so photos look flawless.

3. Bigger And Better Hairstyles
Whether they wear it up or down, celebrities always seem to have more hair than a Dallas debutante. Though most of the time it isn’t natural (extensions and hair pieces are used in abundance), it’s hard for viewers at home to tell. Scott-Vincent says he uses Toppik Hair Building Fibers to conceal extensions, as well as any scalp that might show through thinner hair.

4. Picture-Perfect Makeup
Scott-Vincent keeps celebs’ makeup looking matte, not caked by dipping a makeup brush in moisturizer, removing the excess cream, and then dipping it into powder before applying it to the skin. This offers coverage and shine control without giving skin a dry, powdery look.

5. Flawless Figure
St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Fiona Locke sees a ton of A-list clients, but it’s not always a tan they’re after. For dresses that show off the arms, Fiona says she uses tanner under the tricep muscle to make actresses look more toned.

6. Pearly Whites
While most stars probably hit up their dentist’s office before awards season, not all of them have the time. “If celebrities don’t have time to whiten their teeth, but want a sparkling white smile, I’ll use a red lip stain on the gum line,” says Scott-Vincent. “This instantly makes teeth look whiter.”

7. Bright Eyes
We’ve heard of putting frozen teaspoons on the eyes, but this tip is new to us: “To reduce puffy eyes, place an ice cube on your tongue and hold it to the roof of your mouth for ten minutes,” suggests Scott-Vincent. This method results in eyes that look refreshed and bright.

8. Instant Facelift
Botox isn’t the only way to get a pre-red carpet boost. Some hair stylists place tiny, hidden braids at the temples and pin them back tightly to pull their famous clients’ facial skin taut, giving the look of a mini-facelift, says Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo.
Sophisticate’s HairStyleGuide - “Sophisticate’s Big Beauty Giveaway”
Thinning or fine hair that needs help filling out gets pumped up with Toppik. Made of all-natural , colored keratin protein, Toppik Fibers blend undetectably with existing hair, making it full and thick or even covering up roots between hair coloring appointments. 10 lucky readers will win the product in a choice of nine colors, a $24.95 value. Please indicate desired color on coupon. Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Blonde, Auburn, White or Gray. Toppik.com
Archived Press
Press Releases
Top hairstylists will agree on this: there is no single trick or technique that keeps their clients’ varying hair needs under control. But lately, there is one product that many of them are experimenting with and whispering about. You didn’t hear it from us.

“Toppik is a staple on set!” notes hair stylist, Betsy Reyes, who has worked backstage at SNL, MTV and Entertainment Tonight. “We use it to thicken hair, as an anti-shine from lights and to cover up roots between hair colors. Toppik saves lives!”

Thankfully, most of us need not worry about the unforgiving effects of Lights! Camera! Action!…. but natural daylight and the flash of an iPhone camera can be similarly unforgiving!

“Toppik can be used in so many ways,” says celebrity hair stylist, Josue Perez, who works out of the John Frieda Salon. “I’ve found it’s great on the ends of the hair as a dry shampoo for some lift and body, and it works wonders to conceal grays and soften the contrast of roots. I like to mix and match shades to find the perfect hues and carry them with me on all jobs.”

Adding a hair color appointment to a packed travel schedule is rarely feasible, and why so many pros turn to Toppik for root touch ups.
TOPPIK - Say “I Do” to Flawless Hair with Toppik
Ahh Wedding Season – the time of love, happiness and the eternal photograph. Whether it’s a professional close-up or an impromptu Instagram, wedding shots will live forever. Ensure hair is up for the challenge with Toppik!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers are colored keratin fibers statically-charged to naturally bond to even the finest hair for an instantly fuller appearance. Undetectable to look at, Toppik Hair Building Fibers will not budge from rain, wind or perspiration (making it perfect for those outdoor fêtes!), yet easily removes with any shampoo. What’s more, Toppik will not transfer or stain clothing (its white-dress approved!). Available in nine different shades that can be mixed and matched for even more tailored options, Toppik Hair Building Fibers work on all hair types, ethnicities and for both brides and grooms. ($24.95, 12g)

In addition to assisting with fine or thinning hair, Toppik can aid in disguising scalp show-through and visible parts and blurring the look of extensions that are often used in intricate up-dos and bridal braids. The Toppik Spray Applicator, a canon-like nozzle that attaches to the Toppik Hair Building Fibers canister, allows for a light, laser-focused dusting of color to give the appearance of perfectly airbrushed locks. ($19.95)

Create flawless swept back styles with the Toppik Hairline Optimizer. This unique comb with irregular teeth serves as a stencil to create perfectly imperfect, natural-looking hairlines and is ideal for filling in the more sparse areas around the temples or minimizing the look of a widow’s peak. ($5.95)

Consider Toppik a must-have for any bridal emergency kit that will leave hair happily ever after!

The Toppik Starter Kit, which contains 12g Hair Building Fibers, a Spray Applicator and the Hairline Optimizer, is available exclusively at Sephora.com. Please visit Toppik.com for individual items and color customization options.
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